Top Interactive Storybook Apps for Bedtime Stories
Top Interactive Storybook Apps for Bedtime Stories

Top Interactive Storybook Apps for Bedtime Stories

Interactive storybook apps offer a unique blend of storytelling and engaging features that captivate children’s imaginations, making bedtime stories a magical experience. Here are some of the best apps known for their immersive storytelling:


Wonderbly stands out with its personalized storybooks where children become characters in their own adventures. By integrating personal details into the storyline, Wonderbly creates a deeply engaging experience that sparks creativity and makes bedtime tales uniquely meaningful.

Nighty Night!

Nighty Night! is renowned for its charming animations and soothing narration, making it ideal for helping children wind down before bed. The app features interactive scenes of animals preparing for sleep, encouraging children to interact with the bedtime routine.

The Monster at the End of This Book

Based on the beloved Sesame Street book, this interactive app features Grover and playful elements that engage children in discovering the story. It combines humor with interactive surprises, keeping children entertained while enjoying a classic bedtime tale.

Nosy Crow

Nosy Crow offers beautifully illustrated interactive books that include touchable animations and sound effects. These elements bring stories to life, making them more engaging and memorable for children as they explore each page and interact with characters.

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

Dr. Seuss’s ABC app brings the classic book to life with interactive elements that help children learn letters and sounds in a playful manner. It combines Dr. Seuss’s whimsical illustrations with interactive activities, fostering early literacy skills in an enjoyable bedtime setting.

Goodnight Mo

Goognight Mo

Goodnight Mo is a delightful interactive bedtime story about Mo the monster getting ready for bed. The app includes interactive elements that promote bedtime routines, such as brushing teeth and saying goodnight to friends, making it both educational and entertaining.

Tales Untold

Tales Untold offers a collection of interactive stories with captivating narratives and beautiful artwork. Each story includes interactive features that encourage children to touch, explore, and engage with the storyline, enhancing their bedtime storytelling experience.

Little Red Riding Hood by Nosy Crow

This interactive retelling of the classic fairy tale features engaging animations and touchable elements that allow children to actively participate in the story of Little Red Riding Hood. It blends traditional storytelling with interactive technology, making bedtime stories more interactive and immersive.

The Going to Bed Book

Based on Sandra Boynton’s book, this interactive app follows animals’ bedtime routines with lively animations and activities. Children can interact with the characters and objects on each page, adding an element of playfulness to their bedtime routine while reinforcing the steps of getting ready for bed.

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids

Fairy Tales for Clever Kids offers interactive retellings of classic fairy tales that children can explore by touching characters and objects. The app encourages engagement with the storyline, promoting imagination and creativity as children interact with the familiar tales in new and exciting ways.


These interactive storybook apps not only entertain but also educate children, making bedtime stories a cherished part of their daily routine. By combining storytelling with interactive elements, these apps create immersive experiences that enhance children’s literacy skills, foster creativity, and make bedtime a magical time for families to bond.